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Da Lat city

In everyday life, I think most of us must meet a lot of trouble and suffer from stress because of hard working and studying.Therefore, I suppose the best way for you to relax is having vacation in Da Lat city.You know, every year, there have a large number of visitors visiting Da Lat city because of the fame and beautiful sights.So it's said that Da Lat city is the paradise of Vietnam
First of all, Da Lat is known much as it has an ideal environment.In fact, many people want to come there to enjoy fresh air because it 's absolutely good for your health.Especially when walking along the streets in the early morning, you'll feel comfortable of the silence and peaceful scenes in the city.Besides that, Da lat also attracts many people because there have no industrial centers. Therefore, you don't have to suffer from a lot of noisy sound, polution and gabage of industry.So it's considered a hotspot for travelling.In addition, the fog and cool weather in there help to make Da Lat look more romantic.It's the reason why many couples choose this city to spend their honeymoons.
Besides something above, Da Lat city is known as paradise of Vietnam because of a lot of famous and beautiful scenes.I'm sure that anybody who has visited Da Lat can't forget Xuan Huong Lake which is considered as a symbol of Da Lat because it locates at the center of the city.Langbiang mountain is also very famous. It 's a high mountain with some ethnic groups living there.. Morever, it's always covered in a thick blanket of fog. That makes this mountain become more mysterious.Flower Park is also a place that leaves a lot of impression to visitors because it has many kinds of strange, vivid flower such as: Orchids, Roses, Tulips....So if you're fond of flowers I think that you'll satisfy yourself when you come here.
No one can't deny that DaLat city is a masterpiece of nature and a pride of Vietnamese. So what a pity if you don't visit Da Lat to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature with your families and your friends.

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  1. *paragraph level:
    grammar:A,vocabulary:A,development:A, ideas:A,unity:A
    * essay level:
    introductory paragraph:
    +thesis statement:A
    +ways of developing:A

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  2. grammar is good.
    the thesis is clear.
    the ideas are good.
    the coherence is logic.
    she gives many examples to explain.

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  3. paragraph level
    Grammar: A
    Unity, coherence:A
    Essay level
    Introductory paragraph:A
    -Thesis statement: A
    -Ways of developing:A+
    Connection among the paragraphs: A

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  4. All of thing are good especialy your emotion. You describe as it's your closefriend, when the reader enjoy your writing, they're not only imaging how beautiful sences DL has,but also can realize "how much you proud of Da Lat". that make your essay interest the reader.

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    - Background, hook 1
    - Thesis statement 1
    BODY (4.5ms)
    - Good ideas 2
    - Coherence, unity, development 2
    - Language: Grammar, vocabulary (1.5)
    CONCLUSION (2ms)
    - Summarize (1)
    - Lesson, suggestions (1)
    Total: 9.5

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